Fabric based oil seals are kind of rotary shaft seals reinforced outer diameter, rubber sealing lip and fitted with stainless steel garter spring. In CNT Seals, we desing and manufacture fabric based seals for use as bearing seal for roll neck application of metal rolling mills, paper mills, heavy duty gear boxes and for marine applications.

Accuarate Machining of housing Bore is not essential
Easy assembly
No corrosion problems
Easy replacement

Radial Seals

fabric based oil seals

CR35 CR35S
Standart Profil With additional dust lip
CR36 CR37
With ports in the base usually twin fitted back to back,

with anular groove in the housing allowing lubricant to

pass around to the sealing lips

With anular groove in addition to ports, allowing

lubricant to pass around to the sealing lips. Usually

twin fitted back to back